Thursday, October 10, 2013

Forbidden Fruit

From the book of New Genesis: Chapter 4, Verses 1-10. 

1. Using standard DNA extraction procedures (see Entry 1.24) isolate 20ug of target DNA
2. Using standard DNA extraction procedures (see Entry 1.24) isolate 20ug of subject DNA
3. Incubate target DNA with restriction enzymes B132 and K984 per protocol (see Entry 1.37)
4. Incubate subject DNA with restriction enzymes D142 and D177 per protocol (see Entry 1.43)
5. Combine target DNA and subject DNA per ligation protocol (see Entry 2.13)
6. Plate 5ug/ul of recombinant DNA with cloning vector RA314 and incubate at 37*C for 24 hours
7. Isolate transfected colonies 
8. Culture transfected colonies in nutrient broth x10 generations 
9. Lyse 3-5 transfected colonies and incubate with phage vector per protocol (see Entry 3.11)
10. Inject 20cc of purified vector (suspended in saline) into subject

Drosera stood before her congregation; a sea of aquamarine faces framed by wild ivy tendrils gazed back at her. 

“And the Creator named us Chloros feminae. We are the keepers of New Eden,” she said.

“Praise be to Mother Earth and her sister, Sol, from whom all life-energy flows,” came the reply.

“Praise be.”

As the congregation exited the temple into a bright, sun drenched courtyard, Drosera slipped away. She traveled beyond the walls of New Eden, crept over fields littered with fleshless remains, crushing bones and sucking the marrow as she went. To forsake Sol’s rays and consume life was forbidden in New Eden. Wanton consumption had ended the Old World.

Spreading dew-drop tentacles, Drosera basked in the harsh, orange glow of a molten sunset. The air was electric, charged with the life-force of countless buzzing insects. Her buds quivered with excitement. 

A armyworm moth lit upon one delicate, mucin-tipped appendage. 

In time, the harsh, paranoid rule of New Eden would fade and Drosera would openly practice the ways of her ancestors. Until then... Drosera hesitated, permitting her anticipation to rise to an almost fevered pitch, before ushering the morsel to her fervent lips.


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  1. This story is a seedling. Just an idea I'm cultivating and considering for something more substantial. I wrote this bit for Bree Ogden's 31 Days of Halloween Writing Contest WEEK TWO!