Monday, November 11, 2013

Midnight Sun (Race the Date #2 entry)

The world was a buffet of adventure from which Zach and Anna supped frequently. As they stood on the edge of the world, watching the sun dip toward the horizon, Anna took inventory of their conquests.

Champagne on the summit of Everest.
Riddles in the shadow of the Sphinx.
A solo marathon along the Great Wall of China.
Vows witnessed by the of Moai of Easter Island.

They had sampled generously, savoring the flavor of every experience their blue planet had to offer until only stale leftovers remained.

Months prior, while on a birthday safari, Anna had confided in one of her fellows travelers her growing boredom. The traveler produced a stone from his satchel and pressed it into Anna’s hand. It thrummed, emitting a shallow, aubergine glow as the man mouthed unearthly wisdom into Anna’s eager ear.

Anna squeezed Zach’s hand as her watch signaled the arrival of the witching hour. She rested the stone on a mossy carpet, bathing it in the golden rays of a midnight sun. The stone erupted into kaleidoscope of sound and light. Galaxies swirled in a cyclone of unfathomable beauty.

The possibilities were infinite.

Hand in hand, Anna and Zach stepped into the vortex; their bodies burst into a spray of ecstatic particles and were carried away by a dazzling current of light.

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