Friday, November 8, 2013

Reflections (Flash! Friday #49 entry)

Suspended in time and spanning the great inky chasm of NeverWas, Lauren stood on the Bridge of Fleeting Moments. Behind her, Lauren’s Past rippled in a silver pool of light. Reflected in its surface were her triumphs, her failures, and the bittersweet memory of lost love. Ahead of her, a golden pool churned; its surface was a featureless glow reflecting the limitless potential of Lauren’s unwritten Future.

Seduced by the nostalgia of bygone days, Lauren longed to return to  familiar times and reclaim her wasted happiness.

She moved toward the silvery echo of yesteryear.

Gold deepened to amber. Amber to copper. Copper to rust.

The bridge shuddered; heavy slabs of stone plummeted into the NeverWas. Lauren cast an uneasy glance across the dissolving bridge to her vanishing future. A single focus still pulsed with golden promise.

She hesitated.

Forward? Back? Or into the abyss?

Lauren closed her eyes and leapt.

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