Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Soul Searching (Flash Friday 2.4 entry)

His ancestors eviscerated the dead to aid their spirits in the afterlife. Ini-herit eviscerated the dead in search of the spirit, that he might ensnare it during life. Medicine worked miracles, transplanting organs to cure physical disease. It followed that one might transplant souls to cure spiritual disease.

Indeed there was a plague of spiritual disease spreading like a shadow across the earth. Greed. Hate. Apathy. And violence. So much violence... Ini-herit was determined to discover the key to this sickness. He would find the human spirit and cure it. If, however, the human condition proved terminal, he would use its corrupt essence to summon Ammit. If Ini-herit could not cure the wicked, the Destroyer would consume them without remorse.

Ini-herit slid his blade into soft, unblemished flesh. Still warm. Still pink. It broke his heart, but the search for salvation must begin with the innocent. To defeat the darkness he must harvest souls that still burgeoned with light.

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