Friday, January 10, 2014

The Scout (Flash! Friday 2.5 entry)

Kevin stepped out of the 1925 Lincoln and stretched his muscles. It wasn’t the most comfortable way to travel, but the ol’ two-five got great mileage. He couldn’t think of another vehicle that got more than twelve years to the gallon, and with the price of dark matter these days, well... 

He walked toward the enormous tree he’d just passed through, kicking up little dust feathers as he went. The price of dark matter was precisely the reason he’d embarked on this little journey. Retro-resourcing was a highly profitable, highly illegal practice, and Kevin was the best scout in the business. 

He took several minutes to walk the circumference of the tree, inspecting it. With processing techniques that wouldn’t be invented for another two hundred years, a tree this size could provide energy to a million homes, maybe more, for a tidy six-figure profit. 

Kevin nodded. It would do. It would do quite nicely. 

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